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How Good is Telus Mobility’s Coverage?

Telus is among the fastest and most popular mobile operators in Canada. At present, it offers LTE and HSPA+ network options to its large user base. It also provides 5G services in some parts of the country and is looking to extend it on a national level in the recent future.

While there is no doubt that a large section of the population trusts Telus mobile coverage, here are a few facts that prove just how good it is. Check them out below.

Facts About Telus Mobility’s Coverage

1. It’s The Most Reliable Network Nationally

Telus came out as the winner in Best Mobile Network and Best Mobile Coverage in Canada for the Speedtest Awards 2020. It has also been leading for the fastest mobile network in Speedtest Awards 2021( Q1-Q2). This itself is proof of its reliability.

While Telus and Bell are among the leading wireless network providers in the country and both operate on the same network of towers, there is a considerable gap in speed. Be it connecting calls more efficiently or providing faster download speeds, Telus is the winner.

2. Their 4G LTE Network Covers Almost 99% Of Canada’s Population.

If you look at the Telus cell coverage map, you will find that several areas have no coverage. The Telus coverage map in Canada shows less than 30% national coverage by area. But don’t be fooled by that. The areas with no coverage have either a tiny population or are unpopulated. The Telus service network covers almost 99% of the Canadian population. So, while the Telus tower map may not cover the whole of Canada, it is present in nearly all the areas where people need network coverage.

Viewing the network coverage is easy, even if you want to view it for a certain area. For example, you can easily find the Telus coverage map in Ontario or the Telus coverage map in BC by entering your location on their official website. Apart from the Telus network coverage map, you can also view the Telus internet coverage map and Telus 5G map with a few clicks.

3. Many Small Carriers Also Use The Telus Network

While Telus offers reliable network coverage, its plans are on the pricier side. However, people looking for cheaper options can sign up with the smaller carriers or MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) that use the Telus network. At present, Koodo and Public Mobile are the only carriers that use this network, and Telus owns both.

Of course, if we compare Koodo coverage vs Telus, there is no doubt that the latter will emerge victoriously. But these smaller carriers are still a good choice for people looking for a less expensive alternative that provides a reliable network.

Summing Up

To sum up, when it comes to fast and reliable network coverage in Canada, Telus is the most trusted choice. While the operator has already extended its reach to almost the whole of the country’s population through the Telus 4G network, they’re all set to take it further with their 5G services.

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