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Can Your Network Handle Cloud Services?

Many businesses in Canada and other parts of the world have been turning increasingly towards cloud-based services to lower their operating costs and boost productivity in the workplace. While this shift to Software as a service or SaaS comes with a host of benefits for the business, it also comes with its share of challenges.

And the main issue faced by several businesses is whether their network can handle the shift to SaaS. This is especially true for businesses with multiple offices spread across different regions. The previously set up network may not support the increased load of the cloud-based applications, leading to a drop in efficiency.

But while conventional WAN networks may fail to meet the challenge, Telus Network As A Service has emerged as a suitable solution. Based on the relatively new Software-defined WAN or SD-WAN technology, this cloud-first network architecture is set to transform the business world. Combined with Telus cloud and security services, it is a worthy choice for businesses in Canada.

Telus Network As A Service - A Cloud-First Setup For Businesses

If you want a reliable and secure network solution for your business with a cloud-first setup, Telus Network As A Service is one of the best choices. Here are some of the benefits you get.

Highly Reliable

Bottlenecks are highly common in conventional networks, resulting in low efficiency when handling matters related to your business. Telus Network As A Service helps you avoid this by integrating with multiple connectivity underlays such as wireless LTE circuits, MPLS, managed and unmanaged high-speed internet, and so on.

It automatically determines link use through smart routing to prioritize network traffic depending on your business requirements. As a result, you get high network availability at all times, leading to improved business performance. In addition, you can also opt for Telus cloud services, which include several tools to make team collaboration easier.

Central Dashboard For Overall Visibility

With Telus cloud-first network, you get access to a centralized online portal for viewing and monitoring the network as a whole. From maintaining consistency across all your sites by adding or updating the policies to choosing the security settings depending on the type of network traffic, the central dashboard makes all your tasks much easier. You get complete freedom of configuring the network as per your needs. You can also monitor routing, usage, app performance, etc., across the network.

Enhanced Security

Network security is crucial for businesses, more so when using cloud-based applications. Telus SD-WAN includes a high level of security, especially for cloud-based applications. With Telus cloud and security services, your network is constantly monitored by the latest firewalls to defend against any possible threat. With solutions designed by highly-experienced experts, Telus ensures that your business operations stay secure at all times.

Summing Up

While shifting to the cloud can prove beneficial, not all networks can handle the resulting traffic. And if your network is unable to handle cloud services, it's best to make a shift to an SD-WAN such as the Telus Network As A Service. This will ensure you have a reliable and secure network, resulting in lesser delay and increased productivity.

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